We have already written about the illegal Crimean activities of Pavel Kuznetsov, a Russian entrepreneur from Penza, previously noted in the “Mobile Telesystems Corporation” (MTS), who moved to the occupied Crimea and became the “talking head” of the “IC Invest” structure for illegal “implementation of investment and infrastructure projects” on the territory of the occupied peninsula.

ARC wrote that this structure controls the illegal “Spetsstroykrym” company, as well as two illegal “cellular operators” working in the Crimea, “K-Telecom” and “KTK Telecom”. It was also indicated that the same “Spetsstroykrym” became a structure “responsible” for the long-term construction of the “Cathedral Mosque” and at the same time it is laying illegal high-voltage power lines in the same area with clearly militaristic goals.

Obviously, hiding behind the “religious factor”, Kuznetsov’s structures responsible for criminal mobile communications and energy are planning to “lead away” from the impact of the sanctions.

However, this criminal business also has one more “dimension”, namely the IC Logistics structure, which brought to the occupied peninsula a batch of Chinese 20-ton SITRAK heavy trucks, tilt trucks, as well as tractors with refrigerated trailers, also a “hub” of 14,000 square meters was created under the control of this business in the occupied Simferopol.

We have repeatedly written earlier that large-scale illegal cargo transportation to the occupied Crimea is impossible without the “participation” of Sergey Aksyonov’s clan and his “close interaction” with Kuznetsov is obvious.

In this context, the statements of the criminal “head of Crimea” about “the export of Crimean grain to Russia, where it is mixed with Russian grain before export” should not be considered accidental, since the role of “IC Logistics” in these scams may not be the last.

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