As the aggressor’s propaganda resources reported on June 27, Crimean collaborator Albert Kurshutov was declared by the occupiers in the criminal role of “first deputy minister of internal policy, information and communications” and at the same time a fake “acting minister”.

Let us recall that just three weeks ago, after a large-scale incident at the illegal operator “Miranda Media”, when “Miranda” allegedly “lost its subscriber base”, the corresponding criminal “minister” of the occupiers Vladimir Tregub suddenly “wanted to quit”.

Then Sergei Dvurechensky, a Russian colonialist from the “former military”, was appointed to the fake “position of minister”, who, before the occupation of Crimea, was engaged in some unknown “business” in Russia and from 2014 to 2021 he was listed in Simferopol on “non-dusty” but “bread” chairs in criminal “committee to combat corruption”.

The occupiers are not reporting the fate of Dvurechensky now. Let us remind that since December 2022, Kurshutov has played the criminal role of “first deputy chairman of the state committee for interethnic relations.” After 2014, Kurshutov collaborated with the occupiers in a number of fake “positions” in occupied Yalta, including in “urban planning, land and property relations,” and also criminally “led” the illegal “united Russia faction.”

In April 2022, he “marked himself” as one of the “talking heads” of the fake “congress of deputies of the Crimean Tatars” organized by the occupiers’ special services, where he criminally tried to “justify” Russian aggression, and also “headed the football club” “Kyzyltash”, previously involved by the aggressor in a number of criminal political provocations.

It should be noted that before the occupation, Kurshutov was the director of a number of companies, while their beneficiaries were “Deltanafta”, “Boris Company”, the offshore company “White Sfiye Ltd”, registered in Belize, and personally Nadezhda Yanaki, mother of Leonid Hrach’s son-in-law Nikolai Yanaki. Our Association has repeatedly written about the scams of the Hrach-Yanaki clan in the field of oil production and fraud with them.

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