The tragic and large-scale earthquake on February 6 in Turkey and Syria “could not go unnoticed” by the aggressor’s propaganda.

And if manipulative offers of “help” were heard from the Kremlin at a “high level” and “security instructions for the Russian-speaking population of Turkey” were distributed, which, for obvious reasons, should alert Ankara, then in the occupied Crimea, the collaborators recognized the “shocks up to 2 points that took place on the peninsula”, but at the same time they thought of “digging deeper”.

For example, a certain Yuri Volfman, the illegal “director of the Institute of seismology and geodynamics of the Crimean federal university,” stated that “it is impossible to predict an earthquake in advance,” but added that allegedly “at the same time, such destructive consequences as in Turkey do not threaten the peninsula,” that “an earthquake possible in the Crimea, but not as catastrophic as it was in Turkey.” Volfman explained this original statement by the fact that allegedly “Turkey is located in the very center of the seismically hazardous belt, and the Crimea, in this case, is on the outskirts of this belt.”

However, such “scientific-like” reasoning is designed for people, who are not knowledgeable, at least, in the history of the peninsula, since, for example, the Crimean earthquake of 1927 was quite comparable in magnitude to the current Turkish one. Crimea was then more or less saved by the location of the disaster’s epicenter in the waters of the Black Sea, as well as by the virtual absence of high-rise buildings. And until the twentieth century, periodic destructive earthquakes on the peninsula were repeatedly noted by historians.

In this example, it is obvious that the aggressor’s propaganda will declare that “everything is fine in Crimea” even contrary to evidence and common sense.

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