On November 12-13, the invaders’ propaganda announced Putin’s “amendments” to the aggressor’s legislation “on issues of citizenship”.

According to such “novelties”, persons who previously acquired Russian citizenship not by birth will be “deprived” of it for committing ordinary crimes, as well as for “organizing an armed rebellion”, for “desecrating” Russian symbols, for “publicly calling for extremism”, and also for “discrediting the armed forces of the aggressor”.

Obviously, the “initiative” of the Kremlin dictator arose immediately after the footage from the liberated Kherson region, where thousands of local residents, criminally declared by the aggressor in October 2022 as “citizens of Russia”, joyfully welcome the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, the invaders will certainly begin to massively apply this “novella” in the occupied Crimea, and the useless “deprivation” of the inhabitants of the peninsula of fictitious “citizenship” may be associated with their very real deportation from the region by the aggressor’s punishers.

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