Key Russian propaganda circulated on November 14 a video from the aggressor’s Ministry of Defense that “mobilized servicemen” of the Russian invaders “were trained in Crimea on a psychological obstacle course created taking into account the experience of a special military operation.”

The video shown was filmed by the occupiers at the “test site” in Sevastopol, and most likely earlier than mid-November, since the “mobilized” were recorded on it during the “landing” in summer uniforms. In any case, after watching this show, experts state that such a landing in real combat conditions will, due to their “high skills”, be dangerous primarily for themselves.

In particular, in the video, the “cannon fodder” of the aggressor runs without any tools of personal protection around the “polygon” with manual automatic weapons, which they clearly do not know how to handle.

Recall that in recent days, social networks have been showing videos and photos of the killed military personnel of the aggressor and damaged equipment of the occupiers from the zone of the right-bank Kherson region, where for a long time there were both “personnel Crimean residents” units of the aggressor’s marines, and their “replenishment” from among the “mobilized cannon fodder”.

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