In the occupied Sevastopol, despite the absolutely foreseen absence of “Russian tourists”, the criminal “administration” leaves a hope of “earning some extra money” on “socially close” beachgoers.

Among other things, as it was indicated on social networks, not far from the dilapidated obelisk “Bayonet and Sail”, an open pool controlled by the clan of the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev began to operate, with “an entry price of a thousand rubles”.

At the same time, the criminal “government” first passed off the construction of the pool as an allegedly future sewer collector, and then promised to “recognize it as illegal” for two whole years, trying to pretend that Razvozhaev was not personally involved in the project.

At the same time, it is noted that the occupiers not only blocked the approaches to the “VIP beach” for citizens, but also began to bring pebbles from the public beaches of the occupied city, some of which have been closed by the aggressor for public access since 2022.

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