We have previously repeatedly covered the activities of criminal “Crimean bloggers” controlled by the Russian special services, such as Alexander Talipov and Alexander Gorny, who since 2022 have become outright mouthpieces for propaganda of genocide, aggression and war crimes of Russia.

Since 2023, these figures have been inflating the criminal “campaign” “Crimean SMERSH”, in which a number of criminal “officials” such as the fake “mayors” of Simferopol and Yalta were noted.

As recently reported by the “Center for Journalistic Investigations”, Olga Bezuglovets was involved in the development of the Nazi symbols of SMERSH, among other things, as journalists pointed out, associated with the illegal “Crimean Football Academy”. And if the stories about the “embroiderer” of these chevrons Gorny have already been covered by us, then it is worth dwelling on the activities of the collaborator Bezuglovets.

She was “noted” in her youth in the Soviet army, and later in the extremely incomprehensible “Moscow private university”, and later Bezuglovets from 2005 to 2008 was the head of the marketing and advertising department of the Crimean sports club “Tavria” and then grew to its marketing director.

Bezuglovets actively contributed to the criminal occupation of Crimea as part of the fake “branch” of the “People’s Front “for Russia” and since 2015 she has become an illegal functionary of the illegal “Crimean Football Union”, now being listed as its “executive director”.

At the same time, Bezuglovets was declared as a “member” of various invaders’ illegal “colleges” and “councils”, the criminal “chairman of the public council under the Ministry of Sports” of the occupiers, as well as an “advisor” of Sergei Aksyonov.

With such a “summary”, it is not surprising that, in addition to making Nazi “SMERSH” symbols, Bezuglovets literally does not “crawl out” in recent weeks from the image of the “defender of athletes” of the aggressor against alleged “infringements from the IOC”. However, the example of this “sports functionary” proves that under the conditions of Russian occupation, any “sports” event or structure automatically becomes an instrument of aggressor’s Nazi propaganda.

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