Key aggressor’s propaganda spread the theses of the key “philosopher” of Russian aggression Sergei Karaganov regarding the “Ukrainian operation”, dedicated to the anniversary of Russia’s large -scale aggression.

In these Karaganov’s theses, who is traditionally called the “court philosopher” of the Kremlin, voiced the appropriate criminal narratives in the “science” wrapper, is characterized by the actual recognition of the defeat of the aggressor in Ukraine.

Karaganov through teeth admits that Russian aggression “delayed management, financial resources towards the historically low western direction of development”.

And although he also criminally calls for the genocide of Ukrainians, simultaneously in the theses of Karaganov, with a direct reference to the occupied Crimea, it is stated that “in Siberia there are many labor – resistant, but more than suitable for life and even comfortable lands, especially in conditions of climate change”.

According to Karaganov, “in the area of the Minusinsky hollow the size of a small European or Asian country with its chernozems, water, similar to the Crimean amount of sunny days a year, allowing apricots can live not several tens, but hundreds of thousands of people. In Siberia there are other regions that are very attractive to life. ”

Naturally, Karaganov criminally offers not only the use of climate changes, which actually threaten the existence of mankind, but also deport the population of the territories of Ukraine destroyed by Russia in Siberia, within the framework of a certain “refugee resettlement program”. It is noteworthy that “the shift of the center [of Russia] to the East, to Siberia” Karaganov does not trust the Siberians themselves, indicating that “the Siberian regionalism, localism has more than once failed”.

Karaganov also indicates that Russian aggression “will have to supplement the active policy of moving along the “nuclear deterrence ladder”, making it more convincing for … Western elites,” stating that “without climbing this ladder”, aggression against Ukraine “will continue for a long time, distracting from The country’s movements to new horizons”.

In fact, Karaganov announced the main criminal narratives of the Kremlin – nuclear blackmail, abuse of global warming, the deportation of “new oil’ from the occupied territories to Siberia and attempts to “preserve” the situation of the aggressor in Ukraine. However, between the rows of these theses, the Kremlin’s recognition of the inevitable percopecation of the Crimea is clearly read.

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