We have repeatedly commented on the fake “cancellation”, announced by Crimean collaborators, of Soviet-era documents on the transfer of the Crimean region to Ukraine in 1954, at which the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, his assistant Yefim Fiks and the once-stealing Simferopol assistant professor Sergei Trofimov continue phantasmagoric attempts of PR on “preparing an appeal to the Russian constitutional court”.

At the same time, the attempts of these “historians and lawyers” to make a “time machine” on their knees are cynically commented even by the aggressor’s “expert environment”. Even such a criminal “talking head” of the aggressor as the Moscow “Russian world” chauvinist Yevgeny Milovanov recently called the mentioned as “Odessa noise around work”, recognizing that “the USSR is another state, and the constitutional court of the Russian Federation can resolve issues within the scope of the constitution of Russia” .

The level of fabrications of Trofimov’s “team”, which previously stated no more or less that by 1954 the Crimean economy was supposedly “completely restored” after the Second World War, can now be assessed by a new thesis voiced, namely, that allegedly after the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine “until 80% of the financing of all important projects on the peninsula was carried out from the central (union) budget”, and “less than 12-15% was financed in Crimea” from the republican Ukrainian one.

And the point here is even in far-fetched numbers, since it is quite obvious that, for example, through the Soviet military machine, the peninsula was formally fully contained 100% from Union sources until 1991, like any USSR-controlled territory. Also, for example, all the expenses of the Ukrainian trade unions for hundreds of departmental health resorts of the peninsula were formally “all-Union” and so on.

But it is also worth to recall what the collaborators “forget” – until 1990, the majority of the republics’ income went to the Union budget and their money was directly distributed in Moscow; for example, in 1960, there were only 7.6 republican rubles in Ukraine comparing with 73.1 billion “union” budget rubles. At the same time, the entire social block, such as pensions and benefits to the population of the Crimea, came precisely from the most “shrunken” republican budget.

For the aforementioned collaborators, who are well able to “make up a budget” for stealing billions under the conditions of occupation, ignorance of such things is impossible, so one can only guess what other fakes against common sense they will announce yet.

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