In Russia-occupied Sevastopol, the fake “government” continues to imitate vigorous activity around the illegal “unitary enterprise” “City gas filling complex” (“Gorodskoy avtozapavochnyi kompleks, GAZK”). The so-called “department for property and land relations” began to “sue” the “complex” regarding the allegedly “unpaid rent since 2014”, declaring “140 million rubles of debt” and later “cutting it down” to 11.7 million. Moreover, since 2020, the “complex” itself has been “subordinated” to another fake structure of the same “government”, namely the “department of transport”, headed until recently by the notorious Kerch swindler Pavel Ieno; this “refueling” structure showed chronic “losses” in its “reporting,” which, however, “began to decline.” In parallel, starting in 2021, a certain “private security company” “Kevlar” began to declare its intentions to “bankrupt the GAZK”.

It is worth recalling that the illegal “GASK” itself was declared by the occupiers in 2014 as the result of the criminal “nationalization” of 16 gas stations, four gas filling stations and an oil depot belonging to the “Privat” group, and in 2016 a certain company “Stemv-Group” unsuccessfully tried to “sue” this property.
Under the criminal “governor” Dmitry Ovsyannikov, “GAZK property” was already put up for auction, but from 2019 Mikhail Razvozhaev decided to “play the long game” and, together with the same Ieno, launder funds to “support the work of GAZK.” In November 2022, collaborator and “lawyer” Gennady Dzyuban, who until 2014 was the deputy head of the city police department for combating organized crime, was appointed to “manage GAZK” and at the height of the fuel crisis in the summer of 2023 the “government” pulled off a scam to lease the four Sevastopol gas stations “remaining with GAZK”

After this, Dzyuban, who had “done his job” and was replaced by Alexander Svechnikov, the former “head of the department for property and land relations” under the criminal “governor” Sergei Menyailo, whom the occupiers’ punitive forces had previously “unsuccessfully,” but extremely profitably for their own pockets, tried to “imprison for embezzlement”. Thus, fuel scams, as we wrote earlier, constitute one of the key “raison d’êtres” of the criminal “Sevastopol government”.

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