In the aggressor’s propaganda epic with the North Crimean Canal, drying up after the Russian occupiers blown up the Kakhovka HPP, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov stated on June 15 that “there are still water supplies in the canal itself, they will run out within a few months, but they still exist”, and that “we have not received any claims for any damage, it is not available at the moment.”

Obviously, Konstantinov either does not understand, or actively portrays illiteracy regarding the “water reserves” in the canal, since naturally there can be no “accumulation” of “reserves” in it. So far, the abnormally rainy summer helps the occupiers to imitate the “perfect state of water”, which naturally cannot be said about the chemical enterprises of the Northern Crimea.

Let us recall that since 2022, after the channel was unblocked, the invaders began to actively prepare the infamous “Crimean Titan” for the “production of ammophos”, under the guise of which it is extremely easy to produce explosives.

Just for this technological process, the plant needs significant water reserves, which cannot be covered from wells; thus, by blowing up the dam, the aggressor, among other things, turned this dangerous production into a “suitcase without a handle”.

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