On April 3, the criminal Sergei Aksyonov said that “athletes from the republic of Crimea will not go to the Olympics in Paris” and that he “fully supports their decision”.
Naturally, if the International Olympic Committee had not put forward any demands on “neutral athletes” in this area, the Russian special services would not have failed to carry out a series of “Olympic” provocations with the Crimean residents in the French capital.
Let us recall that, understanding this unsightly “Crimean gambit” of the Kremlin, our Association over the last year demanded that the IOC and international sports federations not allow any persons who actively supported the attempt to occupy Crimea to attend the Olympic events.
Well, now Aksyonov, ranting about “Russophobia” and allegedly “racist attitude towards Russian and Belarusian athletes”, decided to give a “confession”, directly stating that “Olympic sport is, first of all, about the prestige of the state”.
Let us recall that all the crocodile tears of Russian sports bosses about how supposedly “sport is outside politics” were intended to somehow hide this obvious fact.

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