We have repeatedly written about the occupiers’ machinations related to the long-term construction of the so-called “ambulance hospitals” and the “cancer center” in the Russia-occupied Sevastopol, which the invaders’ propaganda has been talking about for the past seven years, but the matter did not go further than cutting down the Red Book forests and pits.

Now the occupiers, apparently trying to “justify themselves”, published a “report” asking “for assistance in allocating 2.85 billion rubles necessary for the further construction of the facility”, and they were predictably not given the funds. The collaborators also announced the “need to correct the design documentation” because of the prospects of allegedly “equipment replacement” in “construction projects” that have not actually begun yet.

Even some “work with external networks” has not yet been completed and the corresponding “contracts” will only “be concluded”, and the previous “contract does not include funds for the purchase of equipment in the amount of 3 billion rubles”. Commenting on these “optimistic news”, Sevastopol residents ask a rhetorical question about the “PR star” criminal Mikhail Razvozhaev: “is [he] generally aware of everything that is happening?” stating that the criminal “administration” “has no task to develop the city for the citizens”.

Sevastopol residents point out regarding “unexpected details” that “everything was known to local residents from the very beginning, that this is how it will be, for many years after 2014, we have already gained experience in how visitors manage: «we hang noodles, destroy trees, saw funds, make surprised eyes, we ask for additional funds, we saw again» and so on in a circle”.

Also, Sevastopol residents indicate about the destroyed plantations “they sacrificed the forest in order to leave this ugly pit instead of it for many years. The goal … is clear – to start a cash construction site. And … people – and without a forest and without an object. That is, our forest was simply stolen”.

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