We have already reported on yesterday’s criminal statement by Sergei Aksyonov about the formation of some kind of illegal “militia” on the peninsula, which, given the worthless results of all previous similar initiatives of the aggressor, looked rather tragicomic.

However, on June 9, the fake “governor” Yevgen Balitsky also announced a certain criminal “people’s militia” that would allegedly “take up patrols” in the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhya region.
Also on the evening of June 8, Balitsky’s criminal “colleague” Mikhail Razvozhaev in occupied Sevastopol mentioned some criminal “territorial defense units” that would “patrol the city in the form of people’s guards,” promising “additional recruitment for territorial defense” on the basis of a fake “volunteer headquarters” “We are together – Sevastopol”.

Thus, the synchronous statements of the occupiers’s criminal “officials of the clearly did not become the fruit of the sick imagination of their PR specialists, as could still be allowed in the case of the “separate Aksyonov”.

It is obvious that all the mentioned ‘Gautleiters’ are fulfilling a certain general instruction of the Kremlin, but each, as you can see, is within the framework of “their own understanding”. The reasons for the “organizational itch” in Moscow on certain criminal “militias” in the current conditions are quite obvious.

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