We previously wrote that the criminal “government” in the occupied Sevastopol seeks to “knock out money” from the Kremlin under the “problem of lack of tourists”.

And now the fake “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev, “following the results of the meeting” with Valentina Matvienko, said that the “places of accommodation” would be “filled” with participants in the Russian military aggression, “who are given vacation”, because “they definitely won’t be scared with any front-line situation”.

This criminal “creative approach” was quite predictable, since many of these “tourists”, in particular in the form of “intermediate” products of the aggressor’s Sevastopol hospitals, are already in the occupied city and, accordingly, good “federal subsidies” can be “laundered” on their number.

At the same time, the Russian invaders are quite “creative” about the “improvement” of the occupied Sevastopol as a “new health resort” for the aggressor’s cannon fodder.

In particular, they initiated the demolition of the dolphinarium on the Kornilov embankment, and, of course, it is not reported to the population what exactly will be built on the site of the demolished object in the interests of the clan of the fake “governor”.

However, the Russian invaders demolish not only for the sake of the criminal result, but also “for the sake of the process itself”.

For example, in the occupied Sevastopol Kacha, a square “in honor of the 100th anniversary” of the village, created in 2012 by local entrepreneurs, was recently demolished.

As even local collaborators admit, the destroyed square was “… cozy: with a green lawn, flowering flower beds, gazebos and a fountain among new and carefully preserved old trees”, and as the criminal “administration” stated on this occasion, “the copyright holders of the dismantled structures did not revealed”.

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