On January 9, the occupiers-controlled “media” spread the statement of the criminal and fake “chairman of the committee on economic policy, industry and entrepreneurship development” Oksana Dobrorez about the alleged “expansion of production” by the illegal company “Titanium Investments” at the “Titan” plant seized by the aggressor in Armyansk, allegedly regarding the “production of fertilizers”, namely – “ammophos”.

At the same time, it is stated by aggressor’s serves that the ammonia necessary for such production “is supplied only in railway tanks”, and that such an illegal supply to the plant will pass “through the Kherson region”. It should be noted that the production of ammophos was stopped on “Titan” under the conditions of Russian occupation, when the invaders promised for a long time “the construction of a new railway line” but this never happened.

In the part of the Kherson Region occupied by the aggressor, the railway line passing by Armyansk is now actually a dead end, as it rests on the front line near the Dnieper River, and therefore it is obvious that the aggressor had in mind the Vadim railway station close to the occupied Crimea, from which there is a railway line to the plant. In fact, the only way for the occupiers to illegally supply ammonia by rail to the plant can only be the route through the criminal “Crimean Bridge”, Dzhankoy, Armyansk and Vadim.

At the same time, we previously reported on statements about the “production of fertilizers” on “Titan”, this was voiced by the criminal “factory director” Eduard Kurmachev in May 2022, and later it was stated by Kremlin’s puppets Sergei Aksyonov and Georgiy Muradov.

On this issue, our Association stated that the start of criminal production by the occupiers on “Titan”, under the guise of ammophos, components of chemical weapons and explosives, is not ruled out, and then the issues of logistics and profitability for the aggressor become secondary, since in this format the main “attractiveness” of the plant for the occupiers will consist precisely in relative proximity to the front.

Further, on January 5, the Center for National Resistance reported that at the “Titan” plant in Russia-occupied Armyansk, the deployment of enemy equipment was recorded, namely, a unit of the aggressor’s “radiation, chemical and biological defense troops”, which is obviously connected with the above-mentioned criminal occupiers’ plans.

Therefore, aggressor’s provocations in several dimensions are possible – both regarding the production of explosives, and within the framework of “accidents” of extremely dangerous cargo – tanks with ammonia either in the occupied Crimea or at the same Vadim station, with subsequent criminal accusation of supposedly “Ukrainian structures” in this.

Also, the Russian occupiers can illegally speculate on the topic of “Crimean fertilizers” in the criminal launch of “dual-use” production as part of their aggressive manipulations along the “grain corridor” and periodic demands to “unblock the supply of fertilizers to countries in need”.

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