According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, the invaders’ punishers organized the “dismissal” and are preparing “at least” a criminal “fine” for the “head of the department of accounting, analysis and audit” of the criminal “Sevastopol state university” Tatyana Odintsova.

Moreover, the “guilt” of Odintsova was declared by the aggressor that on February 24 last year, the “head of deaertment” allegedly published an avatar with the Ukrainian flag on one of the social networks.

In this “case”, which has become not the first and not the hundredth example of the aggressor’s struggle against any manifestations of dissent, the criminal “application” by the occupiers of the norms of Russian law, the infamous article 20.3.3, adopted in March last year, is noteworthy as it happened retroactively.

We will also note that during the persecution of Odintsova in 2023, the aggressor-controlled “media” and “publics” by the did not hesitate to post photos from the grave of Odintsova’s father, long-term rector of the Sevastopol Institute and World War II veteran Mikhail Lavrinenko, with offensive comments.

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