Earlier, it was repeatedly reported that the aggressor used the occupied peninsula for the criminal deportation of the population of mainland Ukraine. Now, the occupiers-controlled “media” have spread the statements of the criminal “chairman of the committee on health and social policy” Anna Rubel, voiced at a “meeting with students” of the illegal “medical academy” in Simferopol.

Working out the aggressor’s propaganda task about the alleged “humanitarian mission of Crimean medical volunteers” in the combat zone, Rubel said that “28 volunteers” recruited from aggressor-controlled “Crimean hospitals”, sent to the Kherson region last summer, participated in the criminal deportation of “children, people old age and those who were in psycho-neurological boarding schools and nursing homes”.

This criminal activity continues, since the same Anna Rubel stated that “Crimean doctors and medical workers” allegedly “voluntarily” not only provide medical care to the aggressor’s soldiers, but also take care of “children who are in stationary institutions, including orphanages”, at least – preparing them for a new wave of deportation.

At the same time, we must note that earlier ARC have repeatedly described the activities of the Crimean “black transplantologists” in the Russia-occupied mainland regions, and therefore such close attention of Rubel’s henchmen to the orphans of mainland Ukraine cannot be considered as “completely accidental” one.

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