While the key Crimean “talking heads” are talking about the alleged “reduction of inspection time” on the “Crimean Bridge” and about the allegedly “sold-out train tickets to Crimea”, the criminal Oleg Tsarev is forced to publicly admit that he is on the illegal “land corridor” to the occupied Crimea “everything is sad” and after the statements and promises of the Kremlin dictator the situation “did not improve”.

The collaborator admits that “cars stand in monstrous multi-kilometer queues where conflicts occur” and that the presence of “convoys”, that is, “columns that are centralized”, for a separate payment into the pocket of key collaborators “has become more”, “but … the problem of travel is not decides”.

At the same time, the “Koktebel blogger” Oleksandr Gorny, who we have mentioned more than once, has violent hysteria, with criminal calls for the genocide of Ukrainians and the use of nuclear weapons. The collaborator’s nerves are naughty from the understanding that the Crimean resort, in fact, ceases to exist for illegal Russian “tourists”.

Gorny quotes a Koktebel businessman that “you have to be a complete idiot to go to the Crimea now on vacation” and shares his impressions that “when I stood on the pier in Koktebel in the evening and photographed the sea, one air defense rocket went into the sky with a roar from the left, and then the second also”.

However, other “bloggers” are busy with other “problems”, for example, the criminal Alexander Talipov is busy scourging some “fearless idiots” in a stream of “indignation” from the fact that in occupied Feodosia “they never installed the stele of the city of military glory.” However, in the current conditions, talking about “fearless idiots” for Talipov looks unusual in his position as self-criticism.

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