Earlier, we reported that on July 27 in the occupied Simferopol, the aggressor’s punishers carried out “detentions” under the “court”, where they “considered the appeal” of the deputy head of the Mejlis Nariman Dzhelal and the Akhtemov brothers.

Let us recall that in September 2022, the invaders illegally “sentenced” Dzhelal to “17 years in prison”, Asan Akhmetov to “15 years in a strict regime colony”, Aziz Akhtemov to “13 years”.

Human rights activists claim that on July 27, 13 people were illegally “detained” – 10 men and three women. Further, five of these “detainees” were taken by the invaders to the illegal “Zheleznodorozhny district court”, and none of the “detainees” agreed with the “claimed offense”.
Zarema Akhtemova, the mother of political prisoner Aziz Akhtemov, who came to the “session” on the “case” of her own son, was “fined” by a fake “court” for this by 12 thousand rubles, the brother of political prisoner Dzhelal, Ruslan Dzhelyalov, was “fined” for the same “violation” by 15 thousand rubles.

Also, the fake “court” “fined” Lutfiye Zudiev, a journalist of Crimean Solidarity, 12,000 rubles, and Kulamet Ibraimov, a correspondent of Crimean Solidarity, for 5 days of “arrest”.

“Despite the pressure, despite the “fines”, despite other forms of risk, we will continue to engage in this activity. Because we believe that it is of fundamental importance, because this activity is in the interests of society in Crimea, in the interests of people … I look to the future with confidence. And as long as I am free, I will do what I did in previous years,” Lutfiye Zudieva commented after leaving the “court” building.

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