As the occupants were forced to admit on May 27, in occupied Yevpatoria, “in one of the schools, a pupil was diagnosed with measles,” and, as the criminal “chief sanitary doctor and head of Rospotrebnadzor to Crimea and Sevastopol” Natalia Penkovska stated, the occupiers allegedly “carried out the whole complex of preventive and anti-epidemic measures”, namely “within 72 hours, 99% of eligible persons who were not vaccinated against measles received immunization. 1 person was not vaccinated due to medical withdrawal”.

This seemingly small incident is characterized precisely by the figures given by the “official” – either Penkovska is simply lying about 99% of the “newly vaccinated”, or simple mathematics says that about a hundred people who were in contact with a sick schoolchild were vaccinated, and, as follows from the statement “sanitary doctor”, it was not done to persons with contraindications to vaccination.

Thus, it is obvious that these persons have either not been vaccinated at all before, or the occupier does not trust his “vaccines” so much that he is forced to give a “control injection”.

Let us recall that in Russia itself, previously unreported measles outbreaks for a long time have become a frequent occurrence in recent years, since a significant part of the population does not undergo routine vaccinations, which is explained at the same time by anti-vaccination propaganda for an uncritical population and vice versa, an understanding of the “level of effectiveness and safety of Russian vaccines” for people versed in medicine.

Now, after nine years of occupation, it is obvious that a generation of children has grown up in the Crimea who have not encountered normal vaccines, which has begun to bear its first negative fruits.

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