It is reported about the “verdict” of the occupational fake “court” in the “case of unsuccessful bribery of judges” performed by collaborator Vitaly Korotynsky. In 2021, this person, “trump card” with his connections among the punishers of the occupiers, and offered to Simferopol resident to “stop her criminal case”, and “only” for 100 thousand dollars.

The truth of Korotynsky was “destroyed by greed”, since the corrupt “combination” he had built with the fake “lawyer” and “judges of the supreme court”, where he wanted too much for himself, crumbled, and this collaborator was made as “scapegoat”.

The occupants’ propaganda emphasizes the fact that before the occupation of Crimea, Korotynsky was an employee of the SBU and “earned” on “dozens of real estate objects.”

In fact, Captain Korotynsky from the Simferopol regional branch of the Crimean SBU head office indeed changed his oath in 2014 and was further wanted by Ukrainian law enforcement officers as a deserter.

However, such a “valuable personnel”, who “for some reason” decided in 2015 to urgently “draw” a “master’s degree” in “public administration” at the fake “Crimean federal university”, was “densely demanded” for some time by the occupiers.

For example, in 2016, Vitaly Korotynsky “marked himself” in the criminal role of “the duty department of the FSB in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol”, which means that he was included by the punishers in their criminal mechanism.

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