Since the beginning of February 2023, Russian invaders’ criminal puppet “administration” in Henichesk announced a fake “ban on the export of agricultural products outside the region without special permission”. Collaborator Volodimir Saldo said that the “ban” will be until July 1, and that fake “permits” will be issued by a criminal “interdepartmental commission”, which “will be formed”, and fake “forms of permits” will be illegally “additionally approved”.

At the same time, Saldo also said that “violators” would be “fined 500 thousand rubles”. Of course, no one intends to stop the looting of agricultural products of the Russia-occupied part of Kherson Region; in fact, the criminal fake “authorities” simply came up with a new “source of income” on this.

These “novelties” predictably caused hysteria among Saldo’s “competitors” from the criminal clan of Sergei Aksyonov, who have long been trying to “tightly control” such illegal cargo transportation, tied with the occupied Crimea, and who obviously did not intend to “share extortions” with Saldo.

Aksyonov’s henchman, the criminal Anatoly Tsurkin, began to hysterically declare on this occasion about alleged “restriction of trade and free market competition”, although the words “freedom” and “market economy” themselves, of course, cannot be applied to “competitors” from the occupied Simferopol in any way.

However, it can be assumed that, while building their “pyramid of extortions”, the Henichesk-located criminal “authorities” did not fail to “enlist support”, with the corresponding “participation”, from the aggressor’s Deputy Prime-minister Marat Khusnullin, who “by coincidence”, criminally arrived in the occupied Henichesk, Berdyansk and Melitopol just within the framework of this “gnawing on the high road”.

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