Earlier, we have repeatedly covered the useless attempts of the occupiers to gather criminal “volunteer battalions” from the inhabitants of the occupied parts of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions.

If in the Kherson Region this epic remained in the statements of the infamous Kirill Stremousov, then in the occupied Melitopol collaborator Yevgen Balitsky repeatedly announced his “own” criminal “volunteer battalion named after Pavel Sudoplatov”.

However, it was clearly not criminal to recruit residents of the Zaporizhzhya region into the “battalion”, “despite” the tragicomic story of “joining the battalion” of the Gautleiter’s son, Alexander Balitsky, who was actually seen in the restaurants of the “family business” of this clan in Russia-occupied Sevastopol.

Instead of “Melitopol volunteers”, the criminal battalion included neo-Nazis from Sevastopol like Andrey Rodionov, some “Serbian volunteers”, and allegedly a couple of “volunteers from Turkey”.
The “PR campaign” for this criminal formation of the aggressor’s special service was assigned, among other things, as the repeatedly mentioned occupiers’ PR man, the criminal “Sevastopol-Melitopol vice-governor” Tolmachev and the infamous by her ties with black transplantation ‘Crimean volunteer” Valeria Petrusevich, who “got herself” against the background of these terrorists a couple days ago.

And in early February, the same Yevgen Balitsky pathetically declared that “the first servicemen of the Sudoplatov volunteer battalion went to the front line in the Zaporizhzhya region”.

Balitsky “modestly kept silent” – where, in fact, these terrorists have been since the summer of last year, but if he didn’t really lie this time, it means that Petrusevich’s grateful clients will soon have a lot of donor organs at a piece-rate price.

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