A few days ago, the pro-Russian MEP from Bulgaria and an obvious puppet of the Russian special services, Elena Yoncheva, made a scandal on an obvious urgent assignment from her curators, after she “suddenly discovered” that she was in the database of the “Peacemaker” website.

The result of the “drama” played out by Yoncheva was a telephone conversation between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Maria Gabriel and the Ambassador of Ukraine Olesya Ilashchuk, during which the ambassador assured the head of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry that the activities of the public organization “Peacemaker” are not related to the work of state institutions of Ukraine and do not reflect the official policy of the Ukrainian state.

It should be noted that Yoncheva’s “deputy and journalistic career” developed quite prosaically, since from 1994 to 2009 she was a cohabitant of Sergei Stanishev, a pro-Russian Bulgarian politician, the son of the former secretary of the central committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, responsible for international relations, and until 1995, in general, a citizen of Russia.

We must add that Yoncheva and the future prime minister of Bulgaria and the leader of the pro-Russian “Party of European Socialists” met during their joint studies in Moscow.

Subsequently, in 2013 and 2014, Stanisheva’s “protégé” filmed pro-Kremlin “documentaries about the events in Kiev and the situation in eastern Ukraine,” and in November 2017 she illegally visited the occupied Crimea as part of the criminal “Forum of Friends of Crimea” held by the Russian special services with the active participation of the old Balkan provocateur Georgyi Muradov.

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