Independent observers identified during August, 2020 at the “Chongar” and “Kalanchak” checkpointsmore than fifteen cases of new illegal requisition for entry into Crimea from Ukrainian mainland,established by Russian occupying administration.
FSB representatives demanded for the Crimeans, who have so called “passport of a citizen of theRussian Federation”, issued by the occupiers’ bodies, to write special “statement of renunciation ofUkrainian citizenship” as the necessary condition to get to the peninsula to their homes. As not allindividuals complained about such coercion after crossing the administrative border – such new trendseems to become widespread.
International organizations and human rights defenders should not go unnoticed on such new form ofhuman rights oppression and violations of the citizenship guarantees and freedom of movement doneby the Russian de-facto administration
At the same time, Ukraine does not and will not recognize the applications for renunciation ofUkrainian citizenship submitted by persons to foreign officials, also as to the representatives of theRussian occupation administration in Crimea.

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