As part of the new wave of criminal “nationalization” we have already described, Crimean collaborators announced the criminal alienation of the “Uksnab” structure located in the occupied Krasnoperekopsk (Yeni-Kapu) on Pivnichna Street. The aggressor’s “registers” say that “Uksnab” was “established” in May 2014 by a certain “UBS” company” with a “main activity” in the “production of industrial refrigeration and ventilation equipment”, and in 2018 it was “liquidated”, moreover, in 2017, the invaders included it in the “lists” of entities submitting “separate environmental reporting”.

Until 2014, the company of the same name operated at the specified address from the Ukrainian “UBC Group”, a commercial and industrial holding in the field of refrigeration equipment, which occupied up to 13% of the global refrigeration equipment market eight years ago with the revenue of about $100 million. It was indicated that 25% of the holding’s shares belong to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Now the holding’s orbit, according to the registers, includes the Kharkiv company “Uksnab” of Alexander Rusanov, registered in 2019, and its namesake from Dergachi town with an address that matches the declared headquarters of the holding, and head Igor Burdilenko.

In 2015, journalists wrote that Kharkiv-based “UBC Group” had acquired land in Vinnytsia “in order to move there the “Uksnab” plant for the production of refrigeration equipment for drinks and food, which was previously located in Krasnoperekopsk.” However, in 2020, “Censor” journalists wrote about the supply of “UBC Group” products in circumvention of sanctions, allegedly using firms “U B C KUL-B” (“Yu Bi Ci Kul-B”) and “Refrigeration Equipment” (“Kholodilnoye oborudovaniye”) registered in the Belgorod region of Russia.

The journalists claimed that “in this way, goods are exported from the occupied Crimea to the EU countries for the international brewing corporation “Anheuser-Busch InBev””.

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