Russian propaganda is promoting a show, criminally organized in the occupied Armyansk to “support the mobilized” aggressor’s soldiers from Buryatia and Kalmykia. On December 18, a Kalmyk yurt (hoton) was set up there, where they illegally brought two “monks of the central khurul” of Kalmykia, and “performed rituals” over about a hundred representatives of “cannon fodder” from this aggressor’s region in a week.

However, the Russian invaders considered this militaristic action “insufficient” and also brought illegally a “Buryat shaman” to Armyansk for the corresponding part of their war criminals. In this regard, it is worth pointing out not only the traditionally low “fighting spirit” of the pointed ethnic groups of the Russian army in the occupied territories, but also on the personality of the Kalmyk “social activist” Bakur Zurgadaev, who promoted himself on this illegal “missionary activity” with “shamans and monks”.

This correspondence bachelor’s graduate from the Agricultural University in Elista was repeatedly used by the “government of the republic” in Kalmykia itself to flirt with the local national movement, and in the spirit of “pan-Buddhism” convenient for the Kremlin, in order to “emphasize” the supposedly “inseparable ties” between the Buryats, Tuvans and Kalmyks, controlled by Moscow.

This aggressor’s concern with the “national issue” is not accidental, since on October 26 the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk People adopted a declaration in which it proclaimed the desire for independence. “We declare our determination to seek the withdrawal of the Republic of Kalmykia from the Russian Federation, the proclamation and creation of a sovereign independent state,” the text of the declaration says.

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