On January 17, the occupiers-controlled “media” spread the message about the “temporary closure of ticket sales” on a number of illegal trains from the occupied Crimea, the criminal “operator” of which remains the “Grand Service Express”.

This “closure” concerned illegal transportation in March, April and May 2023 to Omsk, Perm, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The illegal “carrier” stated that this was allegedly “connected with the repair of the railway infrastructure”, after which rumors began to spread among the collaborators in the occupied Crimea about the further deterioration of the railway component of the criminal “Crimean Bridge”.

In an attempt to “repay” the growing panic, “Grand Service Express” issued a “soothing” statement that the sale was not “cancelled, but suspended” and that “the train schedule is being adjusted due to the planned repair work on the railway”.

However, such vague “clarifications” only strengthened the corresponding collaborators’ moods, who perfectly understand the inevitability of the de-occupation of the Crimean peninsula.

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