On May 5, the criminal occupiers’ “governor”, who fled from Kherson to occupied Henichesk, Vladimir Saldo, decided to “flash his knowledge” in the field of epidemiology.

He stated that the “Pentagon’s biological laboratory” allegedly operated in Kherson, which allegedly “strains of particularly dangerous diseases, studying their effects specifically on people with Slavic genes”, namely “the possibility of the spread of bird flu epidemics among people using migratory birds”.

The nonsense about the “secret biolaboratory”, which supposedly no one knew about until 2022, is already symptomatic, as are arguments about some special “Slavic genes”, but in this stream of fakes, Saldo surpassed even the propagandists of the aggressor’s ministry of defense.

The fact is that bird flu is actually a really dangerous virus that is transmitted from birds to humans, and this has not been news for real epidemiologists for half a century.

At the same time, let us remind you that the “Crimean plague station” under the control of the Russian occupiers has indeed been conducting criminal and hidden research from world science since at least 2015.

In the investigation of our Association, it was said in 2021that, judging by the revealed “purchases” of the local “epidemiologists”, they were most likely worked criminally on the devastating effect of bacterial strains, including tularemia.

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