The occupiers’ propaganda reports that from January 1, structures of the “social fund of Russia” will begin to operate illegally in the occupied Crimea. This “reform” carried out by the Kremlin since the summer of 2022 and criminally spread by it to the peninsula consists in the “merger” of the structures of the “pension fund” and “social insurance funds”.

For the “broad masses” of the population, the occupiers’s propaganda untruly states that supposedly “nothing in essence will change” and even “payment mechanisms will be improved”. However, the “Russian experts” themselves admit that the “reform” has two not particularly hidden “real tasks” – the reduction of “officials in the social sphere” and “increasing manageability” on the part of the aggressor state.

This Kremlin’s move was expected in the conditions of the systemic financial crisis of the aggressor, caused by a large-scale invasion of mainland Ukraine; now the Russian criminal authorities want not only to “save on staff”, but also to maximize the “centralization of cash flows”, which they need not for “social benefits”, but for the criminal financial support of the Russian military machine.
In practice, as analysts note, “the formation of one institution instead of two” will not only “cause a serious reduction in staff,” but also a “crisis in the labor market,” since the pressure on “employers” to “deduct payments” will sharply increase.

Recall that in the occupied Crimea for a long time, since 2014, fake “pension structures” were criminally “headed” by collaborator Lyudmila Kudryavtseva; now we should forecast a criminal “strengthening” of this “personnel vertical” by Russian occupiers.

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