In 2023, the occupiers’ “Crimean” propaganda showed an “unprecedented interest” in the dramatic events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, associated with the mass death of Armenians.

The aggressor-controlled “media” massively cover all kinds of “commemorative events”, in particular, with the participation of Crimean collaborators, and their attention to the events of 108 years ago has nothing common with historical justice.

The real tasks of the “talking heads”, controlled by the Russian special services can be understood from the “expert article” posted in the fake occupiers’ “Krymskiye Izvestia”.

It states that the mass death of Armenians is “a reaction to three successful Russian offensives against the Turkish army” and that allegedly “the Armenian genocide should be considered in the context of the problem of the loss of statehood by the Greek-Armenian Byzantium”.

At the same time, the “expert” states, with reference to such an “authoritative source” as the “Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society” directly led by Russian intelligence, to and its recent “publications”, that the events of 1915 “this is the beginning of the mass de-Christianization of the Middle East, which continues into our days. It has been extended, it is in action”.

It is difficult to comment on the cynical references of the “experts” to the Lviv lawyer Rafal Lemkin, who in 1944 actually proposed to the world the concept of countering genocide, but taking into account the atrocities of the Nazi and Soviet regimes in Ukraine, the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, and so on.

But it is obvious that the events of 1915 were “raised on the shield” by the Russian special services not only and not so much as part of flirting with Yerevan or with the Armenian diaspora in Ukraine – their immediate tactical goal is to destabilize the situation in Turkey on the eve and after the presidential elections in May this year.

Let us recall that the main opposition candidate, Kemal Kılıçdaroglu, who is on parity with the incumbent President Erdogan, who actively exploits the “Ottoman discourse”, positions himself, among other things, as a “defender of the rights of Turkish minorities,” emphasizing in one of his recent appeals to the Turkish youth their belonging to the Alevis.

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