Previously, we have repeatedly pointed to the persistent promotion by the elderly Russian spy, the fake “permanent representative” Georgyi Muradov of the criminal project of the “joint shipping company” together with the structures controlled by the Lukashenka regime.

Against this background, the Russian invaders need to somehow explain the “failures of logistics”, when there is obviously no illegal “direct communication” between Belarus and the occupied Crimea. Such a puppet of the Russian special services as the Simferopol collaborator Roman Chegrinets, declared in the fake role of the “head of the autonomy “Belarusians of Crimea”, was instructed to voice “explanations” on this “delicate issue”.

Chegrinets explained the absence of the message allegedly not by “politics”, but by “economics”, since now there is “no economic justification” for him. He stated that despite the alleged “50% discount” from Russian railways, it is “unprofitable” to transport Belarusian goods to Crimea, and an illegal truck with such goods to the peninsula “will go back empty.” Obviously, this, to put it mildly, contradicts Muradov’s frank nonsense about “the flow of Belarusian goods to the Crimean ports”.

Regarding the illegal passenger railway communication from Minsk promised by the aggressor a year ago, Chegrinets again referred to the Russian railways and stated that the aggressor demands “administrative approval” from Belarus, and this propaganda rail car can be issued as “Minsk-Smolensk”, with further “substitution of the sign”.

However, it is obvious that it is rather difficult to lure tourists from Belarus to the front-line Crimea voluntarily, and the Lukashenka regime will definitely not subsidize such trips.

At the same time, in fact, there is indeed a certain passenger flow in this direction, these are persons who are forced to leave the occupied peninsula and mainland regions for Europe, since, as a rule, they follow through Belarus. However, these forced migrants clearly do not need any “cars from Lukashenka”.

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