As it was reported on social networks, the occupiers’ “authorities” of the aggressor in Henichesk illegally “registered” another “state institution”, namely the fake “Khersonavtotransservice”, the “director” of which is Taimuraz Dedegkaev, who is associated with the Crimea. Since 2005, Dedegkaev has been the head of a certain “People’s Control Committee” in Yalta, and in 2013 he registered the “Bureau of Technical Ideas” there.

In 2016, Dedegkaev showed up on the occupied peninsula in the fake role of “confidant of the candidate for State Duma deputy” from the “Sprevadlivaya Rossiya” (“Fair Russia”), Elena Grits, and in 2019 he himself equally unsuccessfully tried to get on the “list” of the same “party” in the criminal “state council” of the occupiers.

Dedegkaev is also considered an accomplice of Alexey Kuklev in the fake “union of entrepreneurs and consumers,” and together with him he was part of the “working groups on trade” of the criminal “administration” of Simferopol. It is noteworthy that at the beginning of 2023, Dedegkaev “appeared” in the criminal “leadership” of the fake “Ministry of construction and housing and communal complex” and before that he was the “head” of the “department” of the same name in the same occupied Henichesk.

Let us note that the “Bureau of Technical Ideas” of Dedegkaev, “re-registered” by the occupiers, has a common contact email with the Yalta “construction companies” “Yug-Investstroy” and “Yug-Spetsstroy” and with their “founder” Svetlana Gakh, as well as with the “guest house” “Bolshaya Medveditsa” (“Ursa Major”) in Alupka.

However, both Gakh and Dedegkaev are obviously just puppets of a “bigger fish”, and the next “new chair” in Henichesk means that their Crimean “shadow boss” wants to “put their eggs in different baskets” in the context of the ongoing squabble between the fake “governments” in Henichesk and Simferopol on such a “piquant issue” as road transport in the occupied territories.

Let us add that in 2013 Gakh “showed up” in the role of the editor-in-chief of a PR book by Sergei Sargsyan, a native of the military and an old “authoritative” agent of the Russian special services, previously accused of organizing a criminal business for pedophiles in the same Yalta, who worked for several years in the concern Oleg Deripaska, who has a “certificate of honor” from Gergiy Muradov and “a member of the Sevastopol branch of the Russian Geographical Society.” Thus, road transportation to the occupied Crimea will not be left without the appropriate “sensitive commercial attention” of the aggressor’s special services.

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