In recent days, the aggressor’s propaganda has spread a number of fake statements regarding “restoring order at checkpoints” in the occupied territories of Ukraine. First, on April 19, “Putin personally” instructed the aggressor’s deputy prime minister Marat Khusnullin to “fix the situation” with the “congestion” at the illegal entry from Russia to the occupied part of the East of Ukraine.

Further, a number of Crimean collaborators once again announced “similar problems” at the entrance to the peninsula on Chongar, and the criminal aggressor’s gautleiter of the from Melitopol, Yevgen Balitsky, announced his “letter to FSB director” Alexander Bortnikov with a request to “simplify the procedure for passing through” that same “checkpoint” “Chongar”.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that both Balitsky, and Khusnullin, and Putin are well aware that in fact we are talking about control over the criminal “land corridor”, where indeed there are many kilometers of truck lines at every invaders’ “checkpoint”, but not because there are “narrow” or some “complicated procedures”, but for the banal reason “payment of the necessary contributions” into the wide pockets of the various beneficiaries themselves.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that neither Bortnikov, nor Khusnullin nor Putin personally are able to stop this “large-scale harvest” within the framework of the invaders’ “food chains”, since in such matters, as these criminal figures were obviously taught earlier, “the main thing is not to go out on your own”.

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