Earlier, the Association wrote that the Russian occupiers are urgently restoring the bridge blown up in February 2022 south of Henichesk across the strait between the Sea of Azov and Sivash Bay, leading to the Arabat Spit, in order to use the spit as a siding to the Crimea, and also as a place for accumulating military reserves of the aggressor .

Now, as reported on social networks, the occupiers are importing airfield concrete slabs from the mainland Kherson region to the Arabat Spit, with the obvious goal of building an airstrip in the area east of the village of Strilkove. It should be noted that since 2014, local collaborators have been actively lobbying for the chimeric “need” to build an airfield in this village as close as possible to the occupied Crimea.

In the most occupied Strilkove, numerous sorties of Russian helicopters of various types are observed. In addition, a little to the north, in the occupied Shchaslivtseve, the occupiers installed a radar complex, and next to it, “Uragan” multiple launch rocket systems.

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