As the Russian occupiers’ criminal “Goskomregistr” stated on April 19, “the number of plots owned by non-residents” has decreased to 5803 objects in the aggressor’s illegal “unified state register of real estate”

At the same time, the aggressor also means as alleged “non-residents” citizens of Ukraine, both living on its mainland and also that in Crimea, who refused to receive illegal “Russian passports” from the occupiers since 2014.

At the same time, the Russian invaders claim that the criminal “work to terminate the ownership of land plots” owned by “foreigners” in the so-called “border regions of Crimea” has been underway since March 2020, after the Kremlin published the relevant decrees.

At the same time, illegal “registries”, as the occupiers say, marked 11.5 thousand such sites in 2020, and 6140 sites in mid-2022. The aggressor criminally refers to the “border area” most of the Crimean lands, except for the territories of “Pervomaisky, Belogorsky and Krasnogvardeysky districts”.

At the same time, since 2020, the Russian occupiers have stated that the criminal alienation will be carried out “through the courts”, but there is no information about thousands of corresponding illegal “decisions” in any fake “registries” from the aggressor, although the Russian invaders published some illegal “precedents”.

This can be explained both by the hidden nature of most of these “cases”, and by the fact that many plots of land are criminally taken from their owners “by default” in favor of collaborators and Russian colonialists “at the local level”.

Thus, the forced step remains as relevant as possible, proposed by Ukrainian experts at the “Future of Crimea” forum – in the form of a long moratorium on any transactions with Crimean real estate in the period from the start of the de-occupation of the peninsula until the completion of basic reintegration procedures, including elections to local councils within the framework of Ukrainian legislation.

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