As the media controlled by the occupiers “alarmedly” state, “air raids reveal new weaknesses in public transport in Sevastopol”; At the same time, situations are described when, at the start of the sirens, passenger boats, the key form of public transport in the city, disembark hundreds of passengers back to the pier where they crowd “until the end of the alarm”.

However, sometimes “caring” is shown “a little more”; As Sevastopol residents write regarding the recent history on social networks, “they kicked us out of the pier too: “Go wherever you want, somewhere there, behind some seaport building there is a shelter.” Where? Not a single pointer. As a result, half stood under the roof, at the ticket office for the boat, the rest right on the square near the columns of the Count’s pier.”

Let us note that the nervousness of Sevastopol residents in this regard is enhanced by the “extremely slow boarding”, since the traditional procedure for “paper tickets” on a boat involves dreary queues for “purchase” and then “checking”, which is often done by one person for hundreds of applicants.

It is noteworthy that the initiative to move away from such a “tasty” scheme of transferring profit into one’s own pocket prompted a “counter proposal” from the criminal “head of the transport department”, “honored” Kerch corrupt official Pavel Ieno: he agrees to change the “ticket topic” to the development of “financing the repair of berths”, based on the experience of last year’s fake “repairs” of the mentioned boats, which we have repeatedly described.

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