On April 7, a number of aggressor-controlled publications disseminated statements by a fisherman from Novorossiysk, Yuri Atanov, head of the “Association of Fishermen of the South and North Caucasus”, regarding the deplorable situation with the Black Sea commercial fisheries.

It is noteworthy that Atanov began to make statements in the press on this issue, instead of going to the “scientific and trade council” in Rostov-on-Don, which means an obvious “undercarpet showdown” in the fishery mafia. However, the claims voiced by the fisherman are quite characteristic.

Atanov points to a sharp decline over the past few years in the stocks of all types of fish, including the Black Sea anchovy, from 300-400 thousand tons to 70 thousand tons. He calls the main reason the activities of Sevastopol “colleagues”, illegally operating in the Black Sea with ocean-going vessels – medium fishing freezing trawlers with trawls 50-60 meters long, while Russian fishermen have vessels with smaller trawls.

The fisherman claims that the “Sevastopol” trawlers catch up to 250 tons per day, and with automatic sorting, when small fish do not go to this catch, they are discarded and die. Let us recall that the aggressor criminally linked the “regulation” of illegal “industrial fishery” of the occupied AR of Crimea and Sevastopol to the same structure in Rostov, which issued more than “1200 permits” and where Atanov so suddenly changed his mind about going.

The reasons for the statements of the Novorossiysk fisherman are understandable – Sevastopol businessmen have been “herding” their ocean trawlers off the coast of the Caucasus since 2014, and now this is generally the only area for their illegal fishing, since there are “small problems” to the west associated with Russian naval aggression.

Since the illegal Sevastopol trawlers serve the international fishing mafia, such figures as Atanov are too tough for them, and the only thing left for the fisherman is to “pour out his soul” on the Internet.

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