According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, the criminal “authorities”, including collaborators Efim Fiks and Svyatoslav Brusakov, decided to “promote a little” on the illegal activities of the Kerch shipbuilding plant “Zaliv”.

At the same time, the “main event” was declared to be “the commissioning of new equipment”, namely “fiber-optic laser machines”, which allegedly “will strengthen the capacities of the body-working production in terms of preparing the production of metal from non-ferrous alloys”.

As it can be sees in the photo, it is talked about a “SENGFENG SF 3015 W” fiber optic laser cutting machine for metal cutting with a power of 3000 watts. This equipment is manufactured by the Chinese company Senfeng Leiming Laser with a base plant in the city of Jinan, Shandong Province, and in the past two years such machines have been noted at enterprises controlled by the aggressor in Russia itself.

At the same time, these unconditional illegal deliveries will obviously not lead to a “qualitative leap” in the “Zaliv”, the very name of which the occupiers shamefacedly “forget to indicate” in their propaganda.

As residents of the occupied Kerch write on social networks about this, “from a nuclear lighter carrier … flagship ships of the navy to wretched boats … a road to nowhere” and “from a tanker and AHTS vessel, they went down to patrol boats, here it is progress”.

Let us recall that since 2018, “Zaliv” has been on the sanctions lists of the European Union, the United States and a number of other democratic countries, including for assistance in the construction of the illegal “Crimean Bridge”.

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