On April 7, the aggressor’s propaganda spread a statement by a certain head of the Russian-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, Roman Frolenko, that the aggressor “plans to open a direct transport corridor” with Venezuela in the near future, and in addition to Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg, the occupied Sevastopol is indicated as a possible “point of departure”.

The said Frolenko said that the partners of this criminal project are some “federal village councils of Latin America”, which “want to cooperate” and “provided plans”.

Venezuelan Puerto Cabello is declared to be the “receiving point”, where “there is a grain terminal for 250 thousand tons with the possibility of increasing, a terminal for storing liquid and dry fertilizers and a site for the supply of agricultural equipment”.

Since Venezuela itself obviously has nothing to offer the aggressor in the economic sphere and its economy is in the deepest crisis, the Kremlin can extend the “Syrian option” to Caracas, when the loyalty of the satellite will be bought by “dumping” food supplies.

In this context, the mention of the occupied Sevastopol suggests that the aggressor may try to implement these criminal plans, which, of course, would not have economic benefits under a normal market approach, on stolen Ukrainian grain, counting on the corresponding illegal profit.

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