Over the weekend, the mouthpiece of the occupiers’ “Sevastopol” propaganda, the notorious “ForPost”, posted a text condemning “collaborationism.” This term did not mean the activities of the aggressor’s information service itself, but “unfunny stories about equipment from China, on which nameplates are affixed with “Made in Russia” and about “new black marketeers who are carrying out similar “import substitution”.

These complaints about “a business busy trying to hack into accounts of imported products, instead of directing efforts to transfer processes” to some “software” from the aggressor, “a huge hole in digital security” and supposedly “building a sovereign digital circuit” are not interesting the fact that the corresponding “Sevastopol columnists” apparently have an extremely superficial understanding of modern IT developments, but also the real reason for the sudden moralizing and “hunting for collaborators.”

The fact is that in Moscow, Dmitry Kafanov, the chief communications officer of the Coast Guard Department of the Russian Border Service, was arrested for a day in the “case of the theft of FSB funds through the purchase of tablets at an inflated price”. Aggressor-controlled “media” say that “from 2014 to 2019, Kafanov and another unnamed officer controlled the supply of Vega tablets under government contracts” and that under the guise of “the latest Russian developments” of the Murom Radiopribor enterprise, “the department sold Chinese tablets intended for civilians needs” for which 153 million rubles were spent.

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