As the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reported on April 4, the government updated the action plan for the implementation of the Strategy for De-occupation and Reintegration of the AR of Crimea and Sevastopol.

It is reported that the approved changes to the plan of measures, previously adopted by government order No. 1171-r dated September 29, 2021, were developed by the Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine, taking into account the conditions of martial law and the fact that the liberation of the peninsula may occur in the near future; in total, the plan includes 127 updated activities.

It is indicated that the improved plan for the reintegration and de-occupation of the peninsula concerns the protection of the rights of citizens of Ukraine and legal entities violated by the aggressor, social and humanitarian policy, international cooperation, economic policy, defense and security components, and so on.

Among the new plan’s actions, there is the development of a draft law “On Legal Regime in De-Occupied Territories”, the formation of a reserve of employees for recruiting judicial, law enforcement and other state bodies, the creation of a military administration for activities in the AR of Crimea, the adaptation of war veterans and persons released from Russian captivity. So far, the announced changes have not been published by the government.

“The liberation of Crimea is inevitable. Already now, the state should prepare for the full restoration of Ukrainian power in the Crimea. First of all, to form a reliable personnel reserve for renewal. These citizens must ensure not only the revival of public administration, but also the restoration of justice.

We have a clear action plan, each item is assigned to responsible executors,” Irina Vereshchuk emphasized.

Let us recall that earlier, on April 2, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov pointed to the development by the NSDC Office of amendments to the said Strategy, and on April 4, Permanent Representative of the President in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Tamila Tasheva pointed to the work on such changes for the next few months.

It is also worth noting that the proposals of the “Future of Crimea” forum to the Strategy and Plan, developed with the participation of ARC experts, were provided by its organizers to the mentioned authorized bodies in advance.

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