The aggressor’s propaganda mouthpiece, “Krymskiye Izvestia”, posted another set of statements by collaborators about how allegedly “good and even better” against the background of “certain shortcomings”, this time in the Chernomorsky District of the Russia-occupied peninsula.

The invaders discussed a certain “tourist and recreational cluster” “Chernomorsky”, regarding the recreational facilities of Olenevka and, accordingly, the Tarkhankut Peninsula, captured by them, but despite all the attempts of propaganda, the “picture” came out miserable.

As it turned out, despite the “written-off funds”, mostly “huge plans” remained on paper, which, however, did not provide for anything supernatural, namely the reconstruction of local roads, distributing gas pipeline networks, treatment facilities with collectors, and reconstruction of rural water supply.

And here it’s not the prospects of the current “dead season” that are interesting, nor the “justifying” complaints of collaborators about “problems in determining the balance holder” or “contractors’ bad faith”, as well as the fact that there are “whole” 27 streets in Olenivka.

Recall that in this area the main investments in infrastructure were made before 2014, and the occupiers actually wanted to “blow off the dust” from the recreational sphere of the once quite developed and certainly inhabited seaside village, which traditionally fails.

Under such conditions, there is only one simple logical conclusion, but not about “clusters”, but about the “land plots for participants” of large-scale aggression, which were criminally promised by the invaders, which were promised precisely in the Black Sea region, but not in inhabited villages, with “too long” streets which the collaborators are unsuccessfully fighting, but on the virgin lands, without roads, water supply and sewerage in general.

It is obvious that these “sites” promised for distribution since April, with the above-mentioned collaborators’ “mastery” approach to the seaside infrastructure that they already have and ruined over 9 years, are a pure fake, regardless of whether another occupiers’ hundred propaganda stories will be shown about them, since the invaders have no real opportunities to make them a residential area.

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