On March 30, in the aggressor-controlled “media”, a statement appeared about the “sale” of the “Crimean football club” “Skif” for 60 million rubles.

At the same time, it is characteristic that the “buyer” is offered “to receive the club’s sports base with two fields, dressing rooms and a hotel in addition to the club”. At the same time, it is stated that the property is allegedly “registered offshore”, and the former Ukrainian oligarch and “Yanukovych’s wallet”, Sergey Kurchenko, is called as its real beneficiary.

It should be noted that the “key” here is clearly not the “football club”, which, under the conditions of occupation, “disappeared from the radar” back in 2017, but the mentioned sports infrastructure located in the village of Novopavlivka, which was created before the occupation of the peninsula and includes, in addition to the hotel on 30 rooms, two natural turf football fields, one artificial turf field with professional lighting, tennis courts and so on.

At the same time, until 2014, the regime of the “Skif” base was confirmed by the Football Federation of Ukraine, as possible to hold “matches of any level”.

Later, the Russian occupiers actively used these facilities to conduct fake “tours of the Crimean football union premier league championship”, and in general, in addition to the “Skif” base, they controlled two more similar facilities in the Crimea, also, of course, created before the occupation – the “Krymteplitsa” base in Agrarne village and “Arena-Crimea” in Yevpatoria.

Oleksandr Boytsan is declared in the illegal occupiers’ “registries” as the so-called “general director” of “Skif”, who made a football career in Ukraine until 2014 and, among other things, worked as the head coach of the “Chornomornaftogaz: team and as the head of its physical education and sports department; before the “directorship” at “Skif”, Boytsan was also associated with Kharkov “Metalist” in 2014-2016.

Also the now Cherkasy football player Yaroslav Galenko “marked” himself in the illegal “Skif” in 2015, “scurrying around” between the Ukrainian mainland and the occupied Crimea at that time.

According to the “sellers”, the occupiers carried out an illegal “certification of the base” by the Russian football union, and they criminally advise the buyer to use the facility for “announcing teams for the Russian championships”.

These criminal processes coincide with the aggressor’s statements about the illegal “integration of Crimean football” as well as “football players” from the occupied territories into the “Russian championships”.

It is unlikely that the aforementioned base will benefit the current aggressor’s “sports” schemers, but the mentioned situation additionally emphasizes the need for careful monitoring of all “Russian sportsmen” both for their participation in the criminal “Crimean championships” and as part of their illegal “matches and trainings” at “sports objects” of the peninsula, which is incompatible with international sports, and about which our Association has repeatedly warned the IOC.

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