Recently, in the spirit of the provocations carried out by the Russian special services in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, the aggressor’s propaganda sources distributed a video in which allegedly “Ukrainian soldiers” cut fat on the holy book for Muslims – the Quran, and then kindle the fire with pages from the Quran.

In the occupied Crimea, this video, launched a week before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, among other things, actively picked up such a “drain tank” of the Russian special services as Alexander Talipov. However, observers familiar with army life immediately noted a characteristic feature of the video – the knife used to cut the fat on the Quran is typical, such were made for the aggressor’s Chechen unit “Akhmat?.

It was also obvious that the strange “Ukrainian language” spoken by the characters in the video, with words like “kostor” “invented along the way”, is clearly not similar to either the literary Ukrainian language or household dialects.

However, refuting this criminal propaganda trick of the Russians, Said Ismagilov, a former mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine, Umma, and now a paramedic and a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, published another argument on Facebook.

The fact is that the edition of the Quran, which was abused in the propaganda video, as you can see from the picture, is the latest Moscow edition in Russian, while Ukrainian Muslims use domestic editions with a translation into Ukrainian, or the original Arabic text.

Obviously, in the conditions of a big war, the latest volume of the Koran published by the aggressor could fall into the front fire only in one case – when Russian propagandists threw it there.

Let us recall that on February 10, on the issue of previous Russian provocations with the Quran, the Statement of the Public Council under the State Service of Ukraine on Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience was published. ARC expert Professor Boris Babin then immediately informed the leadership of more than three hundred religious organizations and associations of the world about the Statement, condemning the relevant aggressors’ provocations.

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