As can be concluded from the current “stream of consciousness” of the aggressor’s Crimean propaganda, it has acquired another militaristic fetish – namely, sports complexes “ready for work and defense”.

This aggressor’s “innovation” is being introduced by the occupiers at all sports venues, in particular, on the peninsula, the criminal “deputies of the state council” announced the creation of 518 such sites and that allegedly “96.5 thousand people took part in this show.”

However, if we divide the declared figure by years by the number of declared sites, and also take into account the total population of the peninsula, then the figure “ready for defense” will be minimal. In addition, it is obvious that most of the “ready for defense” are actually criminal occupiers’ “officials”, who are forced to periodically imitate the “surrender of standards”.

The last time the invaders tried to hold such a show was in mid-March in Russia-occupied Yevpatoria, having driven the criminal leadership of the invaders’ “municipalities” there for “surrender”; it ended predictably tragically, since most of the fake “mayors” sent “authorized representatives” instead of themselves for a morning run.

However, this does not stop the collaborators, and in 2023 they plan to “master the funds” at several more “sites for meeting standards”, where they plan to forcibly round up the population.

Against this background of the ongoing militarization by the occupiers of the remnants of sports and physical education in the Crimea, the recent statements of the same criminal “state council” with accusations against the International Olympic Committee look especially cynical.

Naturally, the aggressor’s puppets do not think about how the forced surrender of army sports standards by the population can be compared with the very principles of Olympism.

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