Previously, it was repeatedly reported that the criminal “Crimean leadership” was constantly used by the aggressor as “front-line propaganda” and clearly considers PR and the corresponding “ratings” in the eyes of the Kremlin to be the “main indicator” of their criminal activity.

At the same time, on March 24, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov stated that he was allegedly an integral part of some kind of “information defense” of the aggressor and stated that the Kremlin allegedly “has high time to go over to the information offensive and form informational reasons themselves.”

What is noteworthy here is not so much the “self-exposing” of a fake “official” as a aggressor’s propagandist, but Konstantinov’s announcement of “newsbreaks”, that is, some large-scale provocations by the aggressor, most likely on the occupied peninsula, which we have repeatedly warned about.

In this format, it is worth noting the constant and painful return of Konstantinov to the topic of deported Kherson children, on which this particular collaborator tried to build his criminal PR till March, 2023. The obvious consequences of such “news stories” personally for the criminal “speaker” in the International Criminal Court are now obvious, and what the old rat from the “Consol” criminally wants to do about this, driven into a corner, time will tell.

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