The criminal occupiers’ Gautleiter, Yevgen Balitsky announced in the occupied Melitopol that some kind of criminal “people’s militia” was being formed.

This thesis, in particular, caused deep bewilderment among a number of “ideological” terrorists of the aggressor, who perfectly understand the real moods and motivations of the majority of the inhabitants of the occupied south of mainland Ukraine, which are extremely far from the ideas of the “Russian world”.

In particular, the criminal “Cossack” Yegor Guzenko wrote about the “militia” from Balitsky: “I don’t even know how to comment on all this … oh, and we will fight …”.

Balitsky, stating that the recruits will “serve in the people’s militia without leaving their main place of work”, “modestly” adds that the infamous “Sudoplatov battalion”, his previous terrorist “brainchild”, in which some “citizens of Serbia and Turkey” and allegedly “several volunteer companies were formed”, for the most part is not at the front.

On March 7, the same Balitsky on the air of the aggressor’s “TV channel” “Crimea 24” complained that he “has problems” with the Russia’s Ministry of defense, since he “cannot normally receive weapons” for his “amusing troops”, stating with a characteristic hint that his structures, obviously, unlike the Russian aggressor’s “regulars”, “do not drink on the front line”.

However, this Balitsky’s public hysteria, “in the shadow” of which is the criminal “deputy” transferred from the occupied Sevastopol, the Siberian PR man Sergei Tolmachev, can also be understood in the “commercial dimension”.

On the criminal and at the same time fake “volunteers” described above, to whom Balitsky allegedly “personally buys tanks”, a lot of money can be written off, much more than the 858 million rubles announced by the Kerch swindler and “deputy governor” of the same occupied Sevastopol Pavel Ieno, intended “for cut” on the “Melitopol infrastructure”.

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