On March 24, the criminal Gautleiter from Henichesk, collaborator Volodymyr Saldo, announced that during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan “in the Henichesk and Novotroitsk disctircts” of the Russia-occupied part of the Kherson Region, where, in particular, the Crimean Tatars live compactly, a criminal “curfew” is being introduced, which “will be valid from 22:30 to 06:00 from March 24 to April 21, 2023”.

At the same time, it is well known that during Ramadan, Muslims who observe religious rules take food and water only after sunset and traditionally gather for iftar after evening prayers. By banning movement in the countryside in the evening, since 21.30 Kyiv time, the occupiers and collaborators are well aware that by doing so they make impossible the practice of evening iftars, common among the Crimean Tatars of the Sivash area.

The fact that Saldo cynically declares a criminal “curfew” precisely “in order to ensure religious traditions” emphasizes the occupier’s awareness of the criminality of his deeds. Also, as our Association repeatedly wrote earlier, other things are not excluded in the Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine, including bloody provocations of the occupiers during Ramadan and the Easter week that coincided with it in 2023.

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